William Hummel is a sought after speaker about productivity

Trial & error


Since the age of 18 he has learned his lessons in all kinds of ways, but let’s just say that when others started watching television, he devoured books and trainings and tested it the next day.

He has done this for thousands of days in his 5 companies and travels around the world.


Started as a greengrocer in a small village, until 13 years later, where he is a keynote speaker for small businesses & multinationals.

Rock bottom


The quest took a turn after reaching Rock Bottom.

This was a time of debt, smoking, drinking and bad photos

resulting in a structureless and unhappy life.

That low point led him to a monastery in Western Australia.

New choices were made there.

Where others binge-watched Netflix

he studied the lessons of this laughing bald monk.

Life is not only beer and Skittles – Ajahn Brahm



Currently he is a keynote speaker for small businesses & Multinationals.

Today his life is quite different than before.

Because he went through the process of studying and practicing.

Now he also teaches others.