Han-Paul van Westing
William's approach is thorough and his formats and questions are very practical. It prompted me to take action!


van Westing

Owner Mobiteam

The training was put together well. It was a good combination between business and private life.



Teamleader Daar-om.nl

Recommended for anyone who wants to set achievable goals and make the right choices.


de Jong

Business contact official

Becoming a productivity master

How much does unproductive behaviour 

cost you and your organization?

Take charge of your life

How much impact do your habits have on your life?

Masterclass: Goal setting

How to achieve yearly goals in a few months

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions and answers

For me it was a matter of necessity. I had gotten myself into trouble and I wanted to get out of it. That’s how I discovered what does work.

These courses are for people who believe that the 21st century is full of opportunities. Opportunities to achieve anything you believe you can achieve.

The prices differ per training. These are on the page of each course.

Yes. Start with “Best Version of Yourself”, then “Masterclass: Goal Setting” and finally “Maximizing Productivity in the 21st Century”. Want more? Then you can buy my book or hire me as your personal productivity coach.

These training courses have passed the tests from practice. I tested it myself first. It works like magic.

The training lasts 60 or 100 minutes. The Masterclass is a 2-3 hour program.

You can contact me here.