Want to be productive?Join a Mastermind

and crush your goals

Mastermind your own business

As an entrepreneur or professional, you may encounter problems where you would like to hear the opinions of others. Finding a solution can be difficult if you solely have to rely on your own insights. This is where a mastermind offers a simple and highly effective solution. A mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals who come together in harmony to help each other solve problems and achieve goals. 

One of the advantages is that the individuals can make use of the knowledge, experience and ideas of the whole group. The idea behind a mastermind is that the group knows more than the individuals separately and that through connection and collaboration, there will be more solutions and of a higher quality. 


The idea is simple. If two people meet you can create more value together than just two people. If three people meet this also increases. This number can’t go up forever and the sweetspot seems to be around five or six people.

See this as a board of advisors. This principle works because everyone has so-called blind spots and in this way the group functions as an advisory board in which the participants help each other solve challenges and achieve goals.

How does a mastermind work?

A mastermind consists of 5-6 people who meet regularly, for example, once a month or once every quarter. During these meetings, each group member has the opportunity to discuss their problem for 15 minutes. Meanwhile the group listens and tries to solve that problem by asking questions to gather more information. The group then thinks together about possible solutions and gives feedback towards the person who brought the problem. This way, each group member gets valuable insights and ideas to solve the problem.

Stay focused and create accountability

Finally, a mastermind helps you stay focused on your goals. By regularly coming together with like-minded individuals and talking about your goals and challenges, you stay motivated to achieve those goals and are able to achieve them must faster.