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The power of accountability

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Why join?

We live in an era where working from home becomes more and more accepted. The problem is that most are not naturally gifted with being able to focus and be productive at home.

This group solves that. 

William Hummel, keynote speaker, author
Why it works

Why it works

After experiencing the power of an accountability partner (someone who holds you accountable to your own promises), we experienced the power of getting things done. Imagine a day where you team up with a group of highly driven people who all want to achieve the same result:

 Getting the work done.


What does it look like?

Once a week we meet online and share our plans and goals for the day and hold each other accountable to that. During the day there are several check-ins followed by a reflection session at the end of the day.


Work with us

Become extremely productive

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Connect with high achievers

Those who don't accept mediocrity

Enjoy more free time

Spend less time on work and more on living


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Let's get it ALL done

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