William Hummel, keynote speaker, author


No fancy terms. 

No complicated systems. 

No bullshit.

Why me?

After being successful at the age of 20, I failed.
I failed big time and got into a lot of trouble.
That’s when I started my thousands of hours of trial and error to discover what does work.

It was uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing.
It was worth it. How did I do it?

Let’s just say that I started to do the exact opposite of most people and now I teach others how to do the same.

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William is a coach who likes to persevere and this is reflected in his coaching. In small concrete steps, he helps you in your desired direction, without losing sight of the work-life balance. If you are ambitious and you want more than just "good" and you want to gain and maintain momentum towards the goals you have set, then he is the man to go to. "
Gerlof Bottema, testimonal william hummel
Gerlof Bottema
The coaching and the book are an awesome combination
Arnik Rusthoven