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Than most do in a full year. Without the stress and the burnouts

William Hummel 100 days of excellence
100 days of excellence, gratitude

No fancy terms. No complicated systems. No bullshit.

Your kick. Start.

William Hummel, keynote speaker, author

About the author

After being successful at the age of 20, I failed flat out and fell into debt. Through thousands of hours of trial & error, filled with embarrassing, painful and uncomfortable moments, I discovered what does work.How did I do it? Let’s just say that I started to do the exact opposite of most people. When most people started watching television, I read a book and started testing it. I’ve learned quite a lot in those 15 years.

Our Mission

My mission is to remove the dumb-tax in the world. After I made a lot of bad choices I had to pay a massive dumb-tax. Those lessons helped me to make less dumb choices. 

You don’t have to make a lot of great decisions, you just have to make less dumb choices

What users say

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

Annemiek van den Steen​​ - Communication trainer

The book brings peace, successes and many insights into yourself.​​

100 days of excellence, Rachel Hibma Testimonial

Rachel Hibma - Applied Psychologist & Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach

Awesome book to get more structure & focus in your life!

100 days of excellence, Arnik Rusthoven

Arnik Rusthoven - Co-owner Beruleads

The coaching and the book are an awesome combination

100 days of excellence, Stephan Haalboom Testimonial

Stephen Haalboom - Customer success consultant

''100 days of excellence'' is a methodology that really supports you in actively working on your goals

100 days of excellence, Dennis Claassen Testimonial

Dennis Claassen - Growth hacker

The author, William Hummel, has carefully mapped out how to become successful in a short period of 100 days.


Many have tried and tested this book and the results speak for themselves

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Repair relationships. Start a business. Become a badass. Imagine where you can be in 100 days from now.